Construction Of Eskisehir (Hasanbey) Logistics Centrer


General Directorate of Turkish State Railways

Project Content

The Logistics centres considered as the heart of modern goods transport is increasingly becoming into prominence on the grounds of their low transport costs, rapid and safe transit areas and their available equipments.

Eskişehir (Hasanbey) Logistics Centre to be established with an aim of enabling direct transportation of goods within Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone through railway connection and contributing to the import and export transport will provide 566.000 ton/years carrying capacity on 350.000-m2 quality concrete payment area along with the following facilities:

  • Logistics Building
  • Section Management Building
  • Directorate of Road Mechanical Workshop Building
  • Traffic and Social Facility Building
  • Administrative Building
  • Locomotive Maintenance Workshop Building
  • Wagon Workshop Building
  • Hangar Building with High Ramp
  • Watch Tower
  • Main Entrance Building

It is indisputable that Eskişehir Logistics Centre to form a 20.000-m railway network among train building areas, berths, loading and unloading areas, and storage areas will provide considerable contribution to the Turkish logistics sector.