Establishment Of 35 Fuel Station For Railway Vehicles. Project Consist Of Desıgn, Manufacture Fuel, Lubricants, Water Tanks For Storage And Supply And Installation Of 20 Each Sand Dıstrıbutıon Systems For The Locomotives


General Directorate of Turkish State Railways

Project Content

Fuel, Lubricants and water tanks design and manufactured according to API 650 standards
Supply and installation of level measurement systems for Fuel, Lubricants and water tanks
Supply and installation for distribution of the fuel and lubricant in the field with specially manufactured polyurethane and laying pipes
Design and supply high-capacity pumping station specially designed for pumping fuel and lubricants provide to the tank was manufactured from the railcars
Design and supply specially dispenser units in order to refuel locomotives and rail vehicles fuel and Lubricant oil to their tanks
Specially designed and supply Fire Fighting Containers manufactured according to NFPA, FM approved fire system (consisting of electric + diesel + Jockey pump)
Supply and installation of cooling systems for fuel and lubricants tanks
Supply and installation of extinguishing foam system to the fuel and lubricants tanks for fire fighting
Supply and install specially design computer system to the locomotives, maneuver locomotives and other railway equipment’s in order to identify them and control of refueling action
Supply and install specially designed fuel cap the locomotive fuel tanks. Supply and install filling follow through special sensor controls and report violations controlled cap.
Supply and install system that track, report, follow and generate reports and displays all the information on digital maps; locomotives capacity of tank, instant fuel level, filling limits, fuel type, supply the quantity of fuel and waste.
Reporting working hours of the locomotive
Supply of software to be used for reporting all numerical data collected in the computer systems that will be follow, manage, and track on the map by Headquarters and regions.
Supply and install sand distribution systems to be used for sand supply to the locomotives in order to prevent them skating and gain traction at slope and load.